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Emergency Procedures

Each fall we review our emergency preparedness policies and plans to ensure that everyone in the school understands what to do in the case of an emergency. Clear, standard procedures are taught to the students and then practiced at various times throughout the school year. Students are expected to do the following when a fire bell rings:

  • Line up single file and remain silent while exiting the school building to a designated spot on the school field;
  • Wait quietly, listen, and respond as the teacher takes attendance;
  • Listen to the teacher for further instructions;
  • Parents who are in the school are expected to leave the school quickly and quietly,  move to the field and remain with the classroom teacher who you were with or with office staff at the front of the school if the fire bell rings.

A Lock Down is called when we have a threat to student safety outside of the school building. This threat may occur either on school or, more commonly, in the neighborhood or external environment. Lockdown’s are designed to keep the school population safe, calm, organized and accounted for while the situation is being investigated. Students are expected to do the following during a lockdown:

  • When lockdown is announced, remain in the classroom;
  • Follow all instructions, remain silent, and out of plain view;
  • If in a hallway, move to the nearest classroom;
  • If in the washroom, remain in the washroom stall until someone comes to retrieve them.

Finally, a ‘soft’ lockdown is called ON ALERT. This means our regular activities continue within the school building, but all exterior doors are locked and no one is allowed to enter the building. All students from the portables are brought into the main school building where they remain until given the all clear. Over the course of each school year, we are required to practice fire drills six times and lockdown’s twice.

Parents are reminded of the following expectations:

  • If you are in the school when a lockdown is called, you will be required to stay in the building until the lockdown is lifted. Remain in the classroom you were in or enter the nearest classroom when you hear the lockdown announcement.
  • If you suspect a school emergency, please do not call the school. The phone lines must remain open so we can communicate with district staff, Edmonton Police Service or emergency services. Thank you for understanding that staff time must be exclusively focused on the safety procedures and protocols. Local media outlets will also relay information to parents in a timely fashion, should an emergency involving a lockdown at the school occur.
  • Students will be released when the all clear signal has been received.

Please talk to your children and reassure them that these drills are designed for their safety. Please emphasize that your child is very safe at school and that practicing what to do in the case of an emergency is important. 

  • Student owned devices
  • Reporting vandalism