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Parent leaders and volunteers are an integral part of our school programs. Parent participation enhances our students’ learning experiences. A variety of opportunities are available to lead and assist with classroom, school and parent group events.  

Many opportunities are available, and participation can be long or short term. Volunteer activities may include:

  1. Tutor or classroom assistance: Helping individual students or small groups of students, assisting the classroom teacher and other large group lessons.
  2. Room Representatives: Helping teachers contact parents/guardians, handling book orders, arranging for volunteers, etc.
  3. Clerical assistance: Laminating, typing, photocopying, collating, preparing lesson materials, and/or assembling displays.
  4. Library assistance: Shelving books, assisting with annual inventory, filing, helping at book fairs, and/or designing displays.
  5. Student activities: Assisting, supervising, and/or organizing field trips and extra-curricular events.

We ask that volunteers in the long-term programs commit themselves to specific days and times for performing their duties. This ensures consistency, which is important for effective student learning.

While volunteering in our school, please be aware that anything you experience within the school environment must be kept confidential. Please review our Volunteer Confidentiality Policy.