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  • The United Church, west of the school, kindly allows parents to use their parking lot as a drop off and pick up site. You may still use the parking lot for pickup and drop off. 
  • Please note there is NO parking and/or driving on the Greenview Landing condominium complex, located directly west of the school. As well, please do not park or turn around in a driveway, no matter for how short or long a time in the cul de sac across the street from the school. Neighborhood residents have contacted the school regarding this matter. A number of residents from both Greenview Landing and our neighbourhood across from the school are concerned about parents using their driveways as turnabouts and pick up / drop of areas. With the windrows on 38th Avenue, we have even limited parking, but we must be considerate of our neighborhood concerns. We ask our parents to please follow these parking guidelines. 
  • In addition, when you park close to the intersection, especially by the controlled crosswalk, you are limiting visibility and putting at risk our student patrol guards and the children and parents crossing the road. Failure to do so could result in someone being hurt, or in you receiving a traffic violation ticket. 
  • Our school parking lot is closed to parent access from 8:00 am to 8:45 am and from 2:00 to 3:30 pm. PLEASE DO NOT USE THE SCHOOL PARKING LOT AS A DROP OFF / PICK UP AREA. This is a danger to students at dismissal and staff and district vehicles coming and going at these times. 
  • Our School Bus Zone at the front of the school is used at afternoon dismissal time for loading the 5 school buses that provide yellow bus service to Greenview students. As we have no vehicles coming or going at dismissal time, we are using the driveway entrance as an extension to the bus zone. This allows us to load all 5 buses in a safe and timely fashion. We ask your cooperation in not using the school parking lot during this time. For parents who are volunteering at school field trips – you can still park in the school parking lot along the east side of the parking lot, however will not be able to leave until the buses have loaded and left. 
  • Thank you for helping us be good neighbors and also for your diligence in keeping our students safe while crossing the road.